Albion Online New Beta Version Compatible With IPhone

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Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive a studio based in Berlin Germany.It has a fully player-driven economy; all items can be crafted by gamers. You can freely combine armor pieces and weapons in our unique non-class system viz player’s class depends on their gears. Players explore the fantasy virtual world with PvP & PvE content.

While the MMO had already taken its time to arrive on mobile platforms last November 23 began its beta program exclusively for tablets. And if beta is synonymous with change there is a new feature size: the app is now compatible with any iOS device with at least 2 GB of RAM. This is puzzling players since we still do not know if the final version of the game will be playable and compatible smartphones or reserved for tablets.

Sandbox Interactive has announced that it has dedicated considerable resources to optimize Albion Online and make it manageable for devices with 2GB of RAM. However they are not sure how to do this as for now all machines below 3GB end up experiencing the same random crashes. And besides these specific technicalities that make the game is technically playable on an iPhone X developers like our counterparts Toucharcade do not recommend it: the interface and game mechanics have clearly not been thought for a smaller screen than that of a tablet.

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